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“ We regret to announce Mediation Services will currently be on Recess for 6 months (until 14th October, 2020) to align with current COVID-19 Alert Levels and Health and Safety Requirements) .  If there are any urgent conflict situations please contact Community Law Canterbury 0508226529”


Mediation is a process where individuals agree to work on issues of importance to them and gain a mutual understanding and resolution to those issues.

Mediation is suitable for any type of issue that you wish to have control over, avoid costly legal fees or need dealing with promptly.

Mediation can be used for:

  • »  Neighborhood noise and shared fences

  • »  Dissatisfied customers, communication breakdown

  • »  Issues of trust and respect

  • »  Contract disputes

  • »  Tenant on tenant

  • »  Care and contact

  • »  Older adult issues

  • »  Parent-teen problems

  • »  Much more 


The mediator is an impartial person who helps the parties identify points of agreement and areas in dispute that everyone wishes to resolve. You are in the driving seat and the professional skilled mediators focus on ensuring the communication process is respectful and beneficial to all parties.

Professionally trained mediators from Mediation Service DO NOT tell you what to do! You are in control! They are very skilled at helping your break through previous communication challenges.


Initially, the mediators will explain their role as neutral facilitators and discuss how the mediation will proceed. The parties are encouraged to set some basic guidelines for communicating (like no interrupting). An Agreement To Mediate form is sent before mediation and then signed by all parties. The Agreement to Mediate form addresses several issues such as the con dentiality of the session and the opportunity for the parties to consult with legal counsel before signing an agreement.

Each individual has the chance to say what they need to say so that the mediators can help assess which issues are agreed upon and which need to be resolved. Later in the session, a period of time will be spent on brainstorming possible options for resolution. When options are chosen to meet everyone’s needs, the mediators will help clients draft their agreement (if necessary).


Conflict is often the result of many disappointing interactions over time. Likewise resolution takes time. Often, issues of communication and trust must be addressed. Mediation allows participants the time they need to collaborate and make their own decisions. The time spent in mediation will depend upon individual needs.

Mediation Services sets mediations initially in 2-hour blocks and works with your schedule and availability of time.


Mediation, like other helping professions, has no guarantees. However, disputes that involve facts, feelings and a shared future will provide a good guide. Mediation commits to the following principles:

  • » Confidentiality

  • »  Impartial mediators

  • »  The belief that clients are the best ones to reach mutual agreements.

No matter who recommends or suggests mediation to you, it is voluntary, confidential and about working towards the best resolution for you. Mediation is one of the best way to ensure conflict does not escalate and that all important concerns for you are addressed. 


Mediation Services has been independently established to provide quality professional mediation services to the Christchurch Community. As we receive funding, mediations are at no or low cost, depending on the financial circumstances of the parties involved.


Many people are unclear about how mediation can work for them. They may have experienced mediation via Government Departments such as MBIE but NOT community mediation.

We have been independently established to assist a wide range of individuals, community groups and business to deal with a wide range of conflict issues – many of which cannot be addressed anywhere else. We use skilled trained professional mediators who are either Resolution Institute or AMINZ members.


In New Zealand there are opportunities to access mediation services in a variety of places, Tenancy Tribunal, Employment Tribunal, Family Court, private practitioners.

What makes Christchurch Mediation Services stand out from the others.

  • We provide affordable mediation services. Cost is no barrier to participation. We have access to funding that allows us to support low income individuals/community organizations to attend mediation.

  • We provide accessible mediation services. Many of the other pathways to mediation have requirements and often restrictions to participation, we are available to ALL types of disputes and concerns

    • » Ie ONLY landlords and tenants can access the Tenancy Tribunal Tenant on Tenant disputes and private homeowners with concerns about neighbours who live in rental properties cannot use that service but...we can help

    • » OR Employment Mediation is ONLY available to employees not volunteers with grievances or concerns.....we can help

  • We work in a co-mediation model. Two mediators are specially selected for the best needs of BOTH parties, to ensure better service to participants and for quality control.

  • We work around YOU...times, days and locations can be coordinated to work around your schedules and your needs.

  • We work best as an EARLY INTERVENTION tool...to assist and help in de-escalating situations and hopefully avoiding court and legal pathways.

Since 2009 Mediation Services has assisted over 300 individuals with Mediation Services in areas such as:
  • Family Disputes (custody/visitation/trustee and care concerns/parent and teen negotiation

  • Employment (volunteer concerns/employee relationships/contract disputes, sub contracters)

  • Business (customer grievances/contract negotiations)

  • Neighbours (dogs/parking/shared driveways/retaining walls/noise)

  • Community/Sport Groups (large group Higher Ground facilitation, to work on negotiating shard goals)

  • Referral sources for Mediation Services

    • » Canterbury Community Law

    • » Community Justice Panel

    • » Lawyers

    • » Citizens Advice

    • » Volunteering Canterbury

    • » Human Resources personal

    • » Word of Mouth

    • » Website Search

    • » Christchurch City Council Housing

    • » Christchurch Police

    • » Aged Concern

Over 400 people have participated in Mediation Awareness/Con ict Resolution or Intensive Mediation Trainings


Can ONLY provide outcomes dealing issues that are in violation of the law

Is about proving:

a right and wrong = win/lose

Is about presentation of evidence only – are not able to consider, values, ethics and moral considerations

Mediation within Tribunals is governed by legislation and often restricts who can participate and limits areas of discussion

Is set during work hours, during weekdays

Is non-confidential and Orders can be posted on line

Costs money, in application fees, in time off work and sometimes in outcomes

Someone makes a decision for you


Can deal with ANY issue or matter of concern whether in violation of the law or if no law is being broken

Focuses on all perspectives and engages the idea of shared concerns and how all parties can get what they want.

Allows values, ethics and morals to be important considerations for discussion

Being independent means Mediation Services can bring together all parties who are needed and discuss all issues that are need for best outcomes

Is set at the convenience of all parties

Is confidential and details remain between the parties involved and the Mediators assigned to the case

Is free to most or low cost to many

Only has outcomes that are agreed by all parties

Legal rights can be established by agreement

Community Family Mediation

 Easy to access via self referral forms on our website: www.mediationservices org.nz

Assists families to maintain control over the outcomes that work best for them

Mediation conducted by professionally trained mediators specifically trained to work in this area. All members of AMINZ or LEADR

Community mediation focuses on relationships building between parents and can include other spouses and partners if necessary to improve and build ongoing parenting relationships

Because agreements are created by families for their needs, they can be flexible, creative and amended as and when families need

Can be more than one mediation meeting,  low-cost or no cost for service and court is always available if this process is unsuccessful

Can cost money in application fees, in time off work and sometimes in outcomes

Family Court Mediation
(Family Dispute Resolution)

Need to make an application for a mediation meeting first

If cannot reach agreement through Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) process, then parties have the choice to go to court

Mediators are members of AMINZ or Resolution Institute (previously LEADR) - might be counselors and lawyers

Parties can be funded, if not funded cost to mediation is about $450 per party

Mediated agreements can be made into consent orders

Parties can be funded - if not funded it costs about $450 to access Family Dispute Resolution

Is free to most or low cost to many


Please enquire about how we can assist with:
  • Higher Ground large group facilitation

  • Personal Conflict Coaching

  • Team Building workshops