Was suggested by lawyers to see if we could come to an agreement. 1st session we came to an agreement and 2nd session we came to an agreement we could take to family court.

The mediators did a great job making us as comfortable as possible in a very difficult and stressful time and were professional and sympathetic. 

A much needed Service. 

I am so pleased to have had a 3rd party involved to help us resolve our issues. I am convinced we would not have been able to resolve our issues. Apologies for my heightened moment with XXX. I can see how situations resolve to no outcome without a 3rd party present to manage a heated situation.

Thank you for all that you have done for us. I hope we no longer need 3rd party assistance and can just get back to the lives we lived before the issue became one. In my case, I feel we have gone around full circle back to where we started before an issue became an issue.

The message I take from this is to:

  1. know your facts

  2. go into a situation without pre-judgement and

  3. try to put yourself into their shoes and look back on yourself to see how you are being.

Thank you again for all your help, your service is so needed in society. Your service helps people to listen, have a say and negotiate an agreed solution Family.  

In July 2014 I was privileged to work with Mediation Services.
At the time I had been dealing with a young 15 year old who was experiencing relationship problems with her parents and had 
refused to reside at home despite attending school on a fairly regular basis.

Mediation Services acted quickly and efficiently in setting up the equivalent of a Family Group Conference with the assistance of another Mediator who was an expert in her field.

I attended this mediation as a support person for both the young person and the parents.

The meeting was guided in a very professional and sensitive way and had an excellent resolution with the outcome being that the young person was reunited with her parents.

I also understand Mediation Services has successfully been utilised by Christchurch’s Community Constables who are also tasked with dealing with often difficult prolonged neighbour disputes.

I would have no hesitation in utilising Mediation Services and I believe they are of a great benefit to Christchurch especially since the earthquakes and the trauma and distress that individuals and groups of people have been experiencing.  

Craig Roberts Senior Constable Youth Aid

Both mediators were very comforting and reassuring when I was very nervous which made it a lot easier to be open and honest.

We were heard and treated equally and fairly.

Thoughtful, moved forward carefully, respected all parties.


These two ladies were amazing. I felt safe and respected on all levels. They handled the situations very well.

Good work, good modelling of behaviours.

Exceptionally well facilitated. Outstanding!

To Whom It Concerns

Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) recently used the services of Mediation Services in an effort to resolve a difficult situation regarding a neighbourhood dispute. This dispute had been on going and several attempts at resolution had been unsuccessful.

A mediation was held using Mediation Services. As a result of the mediation there was no initial outcome but throughout the mediation both involved parties became more informed of their personal responsibilities regarding the issue.

Although the mediation did not get an outcome at the time the facilitation by the mediator was instrumental in a resolution after the event.

Post mediation one of the parties contacted HNZC and conceded his perspective prior to the mediation was tainted towards his own emotions. He suggested that due to the information he received at mediation that he had decided to resolve the matter himself.

This new attitude from the party has broken the dead lock that has occurred for sometime and hopefully the matter is now resolved.

To confirm that the Mediation Service in my option was extremely instrumental in achieving a positive result. The mediator was practical in her approach and showed tolerance and compassion towards both parties. This was beneficial in establishing strong communication between all parties at mediation and after mediation. 


The parties needed a safe environment to be able to speak freely.

I thought the process went very well and the mediators very professional.

Both Mediators were clear and elaborated in sections to assist with discussion.