“ We regret to announce Mediation Services will currently be on Recess for 6 months (until 14th October, 2020) to align with current COVID-19 Alert Levels and Health and Safety Requirements) .  If there are any urgent conflict situations please contact Community Law Canterbury 0508226529”


Please note our office hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm

If the phone is not answered please leave a detailed message as we will be back with you within 24-48 hours

Please note that referrals are first processed 1-3 working days after receiving then and many mediations are scheduled 2-3 weeks after a case is opened.  Sometimes we can coordinate earlier if there is an urgent requirement.



The following information  describes what happens when you decide to use our services.

How we work
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Contact made to Mediation Services either by phone, email, parties need to complete the referral form which is generally done online at The intake coordinator then takes care of the intake process.

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A letter is sent advising that an approach has been made to us who we are and what we can offer. Flyers are included and indicating we will be in phone contact within a week.

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The intake coordinator makes verbal contact with parties. The coodinators role is to determine availability, interest, support people, safety and other necessary logistics. Once they have gathered the information they need, they will then work with the mediator roster and set the mediation, time and location etc. Emails sent to possible mediators requesting availability and identify any possible conflict of interest with parties. Information and intake is then forwarded to mediators and any relevant tips or information will be on the intake form. There is always a ‘lead’ mediator who is responsible for dealing with the paperwork and is the parties point of contact prior to the mediation if necessary.

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Parties are then sent an appointment letter indicating where and when mediation is to be held along with other relevant information, ie support people, materials etc. Parties are sent the agreement to mediate form for review prior to mediation. At this point any contact the parties need to make is to be done directly to the mediators.

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Prior to mediation, the mediators may make contact with you and coordinate some private meetings or just call to make a connection. Please prepare for your mediation by thinking about the important issues you would like to discuss and to start thinking about options and ideas towards a shared resolution. If there are important documents that the other party (s) may need to see, please bring these to the mediation. This information is NOT for evidence for the mediators but for the benefit of ensuring that you and the other party can be on the same page around any details of concern.

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At the conclusion of the mediation, mediators may have written up an agreement, please make sure that if you wish to have a lawyer review the agreement prior to signing coordinate this with the mediator. The mediators will ask you to complete a client evaluation form which is important for our ongoing funding requests. If you have agreed or willing to consider payment please make sure you let us know so we can help you with details. Please remember that if there is any issues that arise in the aftermath of the mediation you can still contact us again for further follow up or support.



Green Flags - Good to Go (please tick all that relate)

Both parties in dispute have had, or will continue to have, a relationship. For example, neighbours, employees, coworkers, family, contractors, businesses, real estate, etc.
Personal relationship disputes, i.e. living or working together, shared debts, duties related to successful projects.
Reoccurring cases - parties that continually have police involvement, or continually appear in front of supervisors, courts, and continue to have repeated disruptive interactions.
Emotional issues - disputes that deal with underlying emotional factors that would benefit from the opportunity to talk out all aspects of the issues, when there has been a misunderstanding, when it is a matter of principle.
Hidden agendas - disputes that may have issues that cannot be addressed by the legal system or other system, when there isn’t a “rule” being broken but conflict exists.
Want to see an end to the conflict.
One party (or both) is interested in trying mediation.
Contact details (address/email and phone numbers) for both (all) parties in the dispute.

If you have can say yes to the bottom two boxes and AT LEAST one other box please go to and complete the online referral form or contact us at or (03) 980 3512

Red Flags - Just Difficult, Not Impossible to mediate don’t be put off

One party is in prison.
One party lives out of town.
Orders are in place to prevent contact.
No contact information for one of the parties.

If you have ticked any boxes in this area please contact us at or (03) 980 3512 to see if we can help.

  • » Improve relationships

  • » Improve communication and understanding

  • » Resolve underlying conflicts (lack of respect, etc.)

  • » Empower participants to make their own decisions

  • » Prevent problems from reoccurring


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We are grateful to receive any donation towards the cost of this service


Pay directly to the mediators who can receipt you for this or mail to Mediation Services 24 Alport Place, Woolston, Christchurch.

Please ensure you let us know your name and case number and if you wish to have a receipt.

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Each mediation costs around $500. Any donation towards this cost is appreciated


Pay directly to the mediators who can receipt you for this or mail to Mediation Services 24 Alport Place.

Please ensure you let us know your name and case number and if you wish to have a receipt.

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How to make a donations


Pay directly to bank account

Kiwi Bank

38 9017 0777546 00

Please ensure you let us know your name and case number when making the donation online and email if you wish to have a receipt.

As we are a non charitable trust working for donations and funding. We are always grateful to receive any contribution for our services.