Mediation Services Training - Upcoming Mediation Skills and Awareness Training on 27th February, 2019 at Canterbury Community Law Centre .
Mediation Services Training
3 day Intensive Mediation Training
22 / AUG / 2018

29th, 30th, 31st October, 2018

Canterbury Community Law Centre, Montreal Street, Christchurch

Affordable, quality, intensive 20+ hour program that combines experiential and lecture components focusing on practical mediation skills -

*              Reflective listening skills

*              Conflict resolution theory

*              Identifying underlying issues

*              Interest-based problem solving

*              Understanding conflict behaviors and Thomas Killman Instrument (TKI) personal conflict assessment tool

*              Small group exercises

*              Diversity & conflict

*              Coached Role plays by experienced mediator

                Beneficial for HR staff, Counsellors, Lawyers, Social Workers and anyone interested in developing mediation and conflict resolution skills


Cost: $545     Specially priced for the Community

Trainer: Tracy Scott with Resolve Consultancy and Mediation Services

*              With over 20 years of training experience and hundreds of hours mediation experience both in the USA and New Zealand.

*              Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediator/Mentor and Trainer for 6 years

*              Masters in Conflict Resolution/Community Change and Civic Leadership from Antioch University, Ohio.

*              LEADR Accredited Panel Mediator

*              Peace Foundation Cool Schools South Island Consultant -

Limited Seating –Register interest by 1st October, 2018


 Once attendance has been indicated we will invoice you directly with payment information    Return To:       Resolve Consultancy

  c/o                  24 Alport Place                                                      Christchurch                                                                                   tel   03-980 3512



1 day Awareness Training
22 / AUG / 2018

Mediation Services New Zealand’s Longest Running Community Mediation Service Presents

 Mediation Awareness and Skills Training

Understand how your community, workplace, family or client base can benefit from mediation to address conflicts.


WHAT—8 hours of Mediation Awareness and Mediation Skills training

WHEN—19th September, 2018, 9-5pm

WHERE—Canterbury Community Law Centre, Montreal Street

COST—$85 per person, limited places so make sure to book before 7th September, 2018

WHO—Training will be conducted by Tracy Scott M.A.  Tracy has been a mediator for over 20 years as a Mediator/trainer in both the USA and New Zealand and has  Masters of Conflict Resolution from Antioch University


Resolving Disputes Peacefully financially supported by Lotteries



This is an opportunity for participants to gather a greater understanding of how mediation works while building valuable skills in effective conflict resolution and how to deal workplace, personal and social conflicts.


This will be a fun, experiential training, don’t miss this opportunity to see how mediation can work in your community



You will be invoiced for the training once registration has been completed.

Please register by 7/11/18 and send to c/o Mediation Services, 24 Alport Place


Or Email your registration details to



Neigbourood Disputes - How Mediation can help
15 / FEB / 2018

I found this article on Stuff and there is one vital message that stands out to me - the real problem is communication. Mediation can help with early interventions to stop the situation getting out of hand. In the below scenarios money is lost, time is wasted and relationships are broken beyond repair. The disagreements were dragged out over years but this could have been prevented with Mediation.

For most of us, our neighbours are like family - you don't get to choose them.

Disputes over boundaries, or a neighbour's taste in music, can turn menial disagreements into long and costly court sagas.

And Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of NZ executive director Deborah Hart says neighbourly disputes are on the rise.    

Everybody needs good neighbours. "Often the dispute that is the face of the issue is not actually the issue," a mediator says.

"We are definitely seeing a lot more than we used to," she said.

"We live much more isolated lives, and that social distance can create problems if you need to find a resolution."

"If you don’t have a good relationship with neighbours, when there is some cause of friction you don't have any capital to fall back on," mediator Deborah Hart says.


Hart said mediators saw a fair few disputes between neighbours over issues like fences and boundary lines.

"Often the dispute that is the face of the issue is not actually the issue," Hart said.

"The dispute that is in front of you could be over a fence but what the neighbour is really upset about is the noise from other neighbour's kids playing in the backyard very early in the mornings," she said.
The real problem is communication - or the lack of it, she said.


Money can't buy you friends

The Beckers loaned money to their neighbours, the Andersons, believing they were their best friends. They were left destitute after the loan was not repaid, and a lengthy legal battle only added to their debt

The couple said they felt compelled to lend the Andersons $280,000 because their neighbours were bankrupt with nowhere to live.

After only receiving interest payments for six years, the Beckers pressed the Andersons to repay the money and they received $24,000.

The neighbours' relationship turned sour when it looked unlikely the Beckers would get their money back.

A Deed of Acknowledgment of Debt was signed, which meant the Beckers were to be paid $80,000 immediately and the rest in a lump sum within the next five years, and interest paid monthly.

A year later, the Andersons defaulted, then bankrupted, and the outstanding sum was never paid.

Bittersweet symphony 

The soothing sounds of Radio New Zealand Concert turned into a bittersweet symphony for a West Coast couple who had noise control called on them.

Janice Lee and Edgar Rochwalksi​ of Greymouth are now appealing the $500 fine, arguing their radio was not that loud and they turned down the volume after Grey District Council issued a written notice. 

But brassed-off neighbour Katrina Stewart said the din was affecting her quality of life and she first called noise control two years ago to lay a complaint.

"It's not party level, but it's constant and I can't cope with it. It is disrupting and affecting my life and my family."


Hart recommends the best defence is to become a good neighbour.

"If you've already got a relationship with them, it's a lot easier to pop your head over the fence to mention their tree roots are growing into your drain," she said.

But mediation is the best form of settlement resolution if troubles have gone beyond that point.

"Family disputes over children the most heartfelt disputes you can imagine, and 87 per cent of family disputes that go to mediation, settle in part or in whole," Hart said.

"That's how good the process is, there is no reason to believe neighbourhood disputes, would have any other kind of outcome."

Independent mediation was used for Christchurch homeowners at the Earthquake Commission, also with very high rates of settlement. 

"Mediation helps fix the issue, but it also has an educative role and can give people tools to problem solve in the future," Hart said.

"So if you see the moving trucks next door you can't be quick enough to nip over with those scones."

                     - Stuff

Upcoming Lauch of Mediaton Services as a new Charitable Status
12 / DEC / 2016

After operating for 8 years under the umbrella of Community Development Division of Anglican Care, Mediation Services has now stepped out into its own independent charitable status


To celebrate this milestone we are holding a launch on the 20th February, 2017 at Canterbury Community Law from 5-7pm


We will be sharing our journey, stories from our clients and presenting our services to the community.  If you are interested in learning more or being sure of an invite please contact Astrid Harrison at


Mediator Training
02 / NOV / 2016

All participants will be trained by a Resolution Institute (previously LEADR)  accredited mediator, who has over 18 years of experience as a mediator, trainer and mentor and who was certified in Virginia USA for 6 years as a General/Family/Circuit Court Family Mediator/Mentor/Trainer. Tracy Scott from Resolve Consultancy has completed a Masters in Conflict Resolution/Community Change and Civic Leadership from Antioch University in America and has worked extensively in New Zealand as a a trainer and mediator.