Mediation Services Training - Upcoming Intensive Training on 3-5 May, 2017 at the Canterbury Community Law Centre....
Mediation Services Training
Upcoming Lauch of Mediaton Services as a new Charitable Status
12 / DEC / 2016

After operating for 8 years under the umbrella of Community Development Division of Anglican Care, Mediation Services has now stepped out into its own independent charitable status


To celebrate this milestone we are holding a launch on the 20th February, 2017 at Canterbury Community Law from 5-7pm


We will be sharing our journey, stories from our clients and presenting our services to the community.  If you are interested in learning more or being sure of an invite please contact Astrid Harrison at


Mediator Training
02 / NOV / 2016

All participants will be trained by a Resolution Institute (previously LEADR)  accredited mediator, who has over 18 years of experience as a mediator, trainer and mentor and who was certified in Virginia USA for 6 years as a General/Family/Circuit Court Family Mediator/Mentor/Trainer. Tracy Scott from Resolve Consultancy has completed a Masters in Conflict Resolution/Community Change and Civic Leadership from Antioch University in America and has worked extensively in New Zealand as a a trainer and mediator.